Fun Facts and FAQs

How old do children need to be to read

Not Your Ordinary Doctor

Most children in grades 4-6 will be able to read the book on their own and will be proud of reading a book with so many chapters. The chapters are short, so they can make progress quickly.


Children in Grades 1-3 get caught up in the story and enjoy having it read aloud to them a few chapters at a time. The first illustration captures their attention. They want to find out if the runaway horse gets hit by the train.


Adults who don’t have children have been caught reading the book, too, amazed at Audrey’s story. There is no law that says adults can’t read children’s books. Enjoy!


Are the author, the illustrator and

the book designer friends?

They became friends while working on the book, but they have never met! Heidi and Jodi live on opposite sides of the United States—one in Pennsylvania and one in Idaho. Joyeeta lives in India. They have never even talked on the phone. Computers made it possible for them to share ideas to create the book.


What does a book designer do?

A book designer does not get as much credit as

the author or the illustrator, but the designer has an important job. She or he decides what to put

on every page and how to make it look nice.

It was Jodi’s idea to have the hamster pop up

in unexpected places.

What is Audrey really like?

She is really like the Audrey in the book. She

has blue eyes that twinkle when she laughs. She speaks with a British accent and tells funny stories about her life. She has done many amazing things, but she does not brag. She cares about people and what is happening in the world. She worries about the poor and about refugees. She believes God put each of us on earth for a reason and that we should use whatever talents God has given us.


What does Audrey really look like?

She looks a lot like the pictures in the book. Joyeeta did a good job drawing her. You will also find photographs of her in the book. Here is a picture of her taken when the author went to

visit her in the summer of 2019.

Heidi Audrey LARGE  CROPPED.jpg

You can see Audrey in action in this video!