Resources for Teachers and Parents

The biography of Dr. Evans lends itself well to helping students read for comprehension, expand their vocabulary, hone critical thinking skills, and learn about science, history and social studies. The discussion questions and worksheets below can be easily reproduced and/or adapted for different grade levels and abilities. They align with many Common Core English Language Arts Standards. Thanks to teacher extraordinaire Susan Huber Horesta for help in their preparation.

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Pre-reading Discussion Questions


Discussion Questions for Younger Students

For Younger.jpg

True or False

True or False.jpg

What Happened Next?

What Happened Next.jpg

Then and Now Part 1

Then and Now 1.jpg

Where in the World?

Where in the World.jpg

Audrey Evans Acrostic

Acrostic (1).jpg

Post-reading Discussion Questions

Postreading Discussion.jpg

What Did You Learn?

What Did You Learn.jpg

Fun With Words

Fun With Words.jpg

How Did Audrey Feel?

How Did Audrey Feel_.jpg

Then and Now Part 2

Then and Now 2.jpg

Things to Think About

Thngs to Think About.jpg

Letter Writing

Letter Writing2.jpg

Extension Activities Across the Curriculum

Extension Activities.jpg