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Another Honor for Audrey

The following article is reprinted with permission from the July issue of "The Word,' the monthly newsletter of St. James School in Philadelphia.

"From the beginning, the Community House has been a vital part of our school’s history. It was one of the first meeting places for the founders of St. James School, housed some of our first teachers, and currently serves as living and working space for teachers and staff, including our Servant Year members.

In June, we dedicated the Community House to St. James co-founder Dr. Audrey Evans and renamed it “Audrey’s House.” Like the newly-named house, Dr. Evans has always been a vital part of the school. To many of us she is the “Heart of St. James!”

Before co-founding St. James School with Father Mullen in 2011, Dr. Evans was the first Chief of Oncology for The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP). During her time at CHOP, many referred to her as the "Mother of Neuroblastoma" due to the research and progress she made in understanding and fighting this type of cancer. Ultimately, she reduced neuroblastoma's mortality rate by 50% and increased the survival rate to more than 85%.

Known for her great love of children and commitment to serving them, Dr. Evans in 1974 founded the first Ronald McDonald House in Philadelphia as a home away from home for young patients and their families."

Below, Dave Kasevitch, head of St. James School, announces the building's new name. Seated next to each other in the center are the dynamic duo of Audrey and Father Sean Mullen - the school's co-founders.

Click here to learn more about the remarkable work being done at St. James.

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